Have You Started Working on Your 2018 Resolutions?

The school year has already begun. To what extent are you a different professional in comparison to the one you were last year?
Have you thought of how to improve your language competence and methodological approaches? Here there are some questions that might help you do just that.
What do your answers mean?

1.    With regard to foreign language competence:
a.    It has improved and I have qualifications (language-related certificates, diplomas or degrees) to prove it
b.    I’ve been preparing to take exams
c.     I think it has improved but I can’t prove it
2. Think about these activities: Watching foreign language films, reading in the foreign language, using the foreign language when socialising.
a.    I do them a lot more often than last year
b.    I do them more or less as often as last year
c.     I do them less often than last year
3.    Have your colleagues helped you identify areas for possible improvement in your lessons?
a.    Yes, they’ve observed me several times
b.    No, but I’ve arranged for it this year
c.     No, I haven’t thought about it
4.    In the last year, how many academic events related to foreign language teaching have you attended voluntarily?
a.    Several
b.    One or two
c.     None really
5.    Compared to this time last year, how aware of the Peruvian educational policies are you?
a.    Significantly more aware
b.    Slightly more aware
c.     Equally aware
6.    In the last year, your opinion on the Peruvian educational system has become…
a.    better informed by facts and statistics that I remember well
b.    somewhat better informed
c.     no difference
Mostly A:
You seem to be very highly committed to your profession. Hopefully all the improvements you’ve made will have a very positive impact on your teaching.
Mostly B:
You’re on the way but remember that actions speak louder than words. Working on your language competence, methodology and educational issues will certainly take you further.
Mostly C:
It’s never too late to start. There might be many obstacles to devote time and energy to develop these areas but all the changes in the teaching profession start with you!


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