Doom is Also a Good Teacher


Mankind has this year, once again, experienced one of its most distressing times. Nevertheless, we must consider that all experiences carry the possibility of learning from them and, therefore, developing. Closing the year, we want to take a moment to reflect on all that we have experienced in our field, and the improvements we can realize, despite the uncertain outlook.

As for learning in the educational environment, we teachers have had to apply ourselves to develop digital skills in order to adapt our methodology for teaching foreign languages. This has also led to rethink our evaluation and feedback strategies with the aim of favoring learning. In this way, the autonomy of our students has acquired a preponderant role within this new modality.

Finally, we cannot fail to mention a crucial element for the optimal development of learning: empathy. This value has allowed us to learn together and interact in a little-explored space, recognizing that the challenges are greater than we knew, and understanding that we are all cultivating something new and that our contexts and processes are diverse. In this last series of commentaries in this year, we will share these experiences.


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