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Can Foreign Languages be Learned Without Teachers?

Foreign Language learning has been plagued with myths through time. We may remember packages offering learners the chance to become skilled during their sleep, or those claiming to be able to...
Tips para la enseñanza virtual

Make Large Online Groups Fully Interactive

Continuing with our series on analyzing whether the canons of foreign language teaching can still be applied on e-learning, we refer this time to how to achieve full interactivity when giving...

Is Distance Education Threatening Student-Centred Learning?

Our series introductory post outlined the basic elements of the communicative approach, and the need for students to be at the centre of the learning process principle among them. Nowadays, we...
Providing Feedback is Crucial Even for Large Online Classes

Providing Feedback is Crucial Even for Large Online Classes

As mentioned in the introduction to our current series of articles, one of the biggest challenges faced by teachers working in online education is how to provide feedback, especially when teaching...
Enseñanza online

Do’s and Don’ts of Online Learning

So far, much has been said about online teaching: this is an ongoing process and we are still on the move. Teaching online does not mean to replicate the model we...
What Virtual Teaching Has Brought Along?

What Virtual Teaching Has Brought Along?

Virtual teaching, as we teachers have had to assume particularly during this current public health crisis, imposes real challenges on us. We list some notorious ones below: To know in depth...
Language Teaching Bloggers
Centro de Idiomas de la Universidad del Pacifico is pleased to present our Research Group, which was created with the objective of being a place for reflection and debate on the pedagogical task in the field of language teaching. Within our initial activities, today we share with you the creation of the blog that we have nominated Language Teaching Bloggers.

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