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Communication and Argumentation: Are They Twin Sisters?

Learning a foreign language has advantages such as improvement of cognitive skills, career advancement, cultural enrichment, and so on. Some benefits are easier to appreciate than others, but there are also...

Electronic “Know-it-alls.” Do not Fight Them, Join Them

In 2022 most Peruvian students returned to face-to-face classes. However, the number of pupils enrolled decreased significantly (1). This year the situation seems somewhat better; however, a major problem lies in...

Also in Language Teaching: Unity Makes Strength

A new year of the so-called post-pandemic era has begun, bringing along its fair share of challenges. Many educational institutions have fully returned to face-to-face lessons, others have consolidated their blended/hybrid...

Should we Teach Language by the Book?

Almost three years of undergoing the Coronavirus 19 pandemics constituted a tremendous challenge for educators which forced us to go through an experience that made us resilient, stronger, and more creative....

What Teamwork Means for Teachers

As a new year begins, the time has come for teachers to take a deep breath and think of the challenges that lie ahead and how they will prepare to tackle...

A new Year, a new Goal: Capitalize on What Pandemics Taught us

A review of what happened not only during the pandemic, but also before it, reveals major changes. It could be said that the different industrial revolutions have affected different fields in...
Language Teaching Bloggers
Centro de Idiomas de la Universidad del Pacifico is pleased to present our Research Group, which was created with the objective of being a place for reflection and debate on the pedagogical task in the field of language teaching. Within our initial activities, today we share with you the creation of the blog that we have nominated Language Teaching Bloggers.

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