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¿Qué Hacemos los Docentes de Idiomas Frente al Cyberbullying?

El acoso escolar o bullying es una situación que antes de la pandemia ya perturbaba a muchos estudiantes y no ha dejado de hacerlo con la llegada de la virtualidad. En...
Autodidacta en inglés

Have you Been Offered Free Goods? Are you Sure They are?

¿Has the advancement in technology gotten to a point where people can learn a foreign language by themselves, without the need of a teacher? The idea seems to be floating in...
La evolución de la educación de idiomas

Is the Language Teacher Becoming Moldy?

Is perhaps language teaching going out of style? The conception that acquiring a foreign language can be a 100% self-taught process by means of making use of a technological resource suddenly...
Tips for teaching virtually

Some practical tips for teaching virtually

In the midst of the pandemic, teachers were pushed into the future much faster than they thought. Before the emergence of the Covid-19 crisis, online teaching was an option that had...
enseñanza de idiomas a distancia

Are the Canons of Language Teaching Achievable in Distant Instruction?

Through the years, in the need to communicate with other communities, people developed different approaches and methods to teach foreign languages. Since the 70’s, in which the Communicative Approach gained widespread...
La Piedra Filosofal no es Electrónica

La Piedra Filosofal no es Electrónica

En artículos anteriores hemos dado orientaciones y consejos para lograr los mejores resultados con la enseñanza a distancia e incluso hemos ensalzado las virtudes de este sistema al tiempo que hemos...
Language Teaching Bloggers
Centro de Idiomas de la Universidad del Pacifico is pleased to present our Research Group, which was created with the objective of being a place for reflection and debate on the pedagogical task in the field of language teaching. Within our initial activities, today we share with you the creation of the blog that we have nominated Language Teaching Bloggers.

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