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Para aprender un Idioma: ¿Conocimiento o Procedimiento?

Un punto de partida para organizarnos y tener una experiencia diferente y mejorada, en comparación a la que tuvimos el año pasado, podría ser el de ver el futuro inmediato bajo...

How to Ease Learning a Language?

Many scholarships to study abroad are unused and wasted because the students who could take advantage of them do not fulfill the language prerequisite. In most cases the language required is...
Autonomous Learning: a Dream or a Reality?

Autonomous Learning: a Dream or a Reality?

Nowadays, in the technological and digital era, acquiring knowledge is at the tip of our fingers or should we also say that an oral message would be enough to search what...

Is it Really Vital for a Teacher to Become an Innovator?

There usually comes a time when we ask ourselves: “Is teaching what I want to  do the rest of my life?” “Is this all I can do?” Our first answers could...

Can Circumstantial Burdens Hinder Teachers’ Professional Development?

Sometimes when we stop to think about our professional life, we feel as if our career has grown unruly and probably it has reached its peak. Suddenly, we may feel as...
Language Teaching Bloggers
Centro de Idiomas de la Universidad del Pacifico is pleased to present our Research Group, which was created with the objective of being a place for reflection and debate on the pedagogical task in the field of language teaching. Within our initial activities, today we share with you the creation of the blog that we have nominated Language Teaching Bloggers.

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