Let´s Face With Decision the Challenge of the Last Term


The partial or total going back to school attendance has brought great relief, both to students and to us, teachers. However, we cannot ignore the fact that this path of return has entailed a new adaptation process in different academic-administrative aspects. Despite the motivation that it has generated for students to see their classmates and mentors in flesh and blood again, and for us to feel their presence, the added burden that usually emerges at this point in the school year is not absent, but perhaps something more present in the current circumstances, after a period of so many changes and uncertainty. It is about closing a new cycle of transition and starting a new one, hopefully more forceful and considerably more permanent.

Undoubtedly this last part of the year, time to consolidate and close the courses, is not exempt from demanding more energy from teachers, not only in terms of evaluating student learning, but also in other areas. These include carrying out projects, covering pending content, evaluating the effectiveness of the series of texts used, as well as documenting the achievements of the school year. In the next series of comments, we will analyze, hopefully, with your collaboration, the issues mentioned.

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